The Clash of the Cultures
Mike - Sep 05, 2012

1972 Wellington Fund Memo

1978 Wellington Fund Memo

Main Street Comes to Wall Street, by Walter L. Morgan


Chretien Valentin - Jun 28, 2013

A noble warrior and unabashed idealist has engraved knowledge distilled by sixty years of skirmishing on the battle field of American Capitalism into acidic wisdom in this scintillating tome. Bogle’s brutal critique with Socratic honesty re-confirms the sagacity latent in the proverb that too much repetition has degraded into a cliche:

We who do not study history, like Sisyphus, are condemned to repeat the same processes until catastrophe forces US to evolve beyond conditioned behaviors and self-destructive conservatism.

This book is a mandatory study for all emerging entrepreneurs who aspire to be captains of ships navigating the turbulent waters of tomorrow today.

I just read it cover to cover. Now I will get out my marker to pester, pilfer, pillage, plunder & ponder its palpable perspicuity. Merci beaucoup beaucoup pour cet nouveau testament, Saint Jacque !

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