PA Society Gold Medal
Mike - Feb 23, 2017

To Veterans and Principals




Hi, all,

In December I sent you the transcript of my speech from the Pennsylvania Society’s Annual Dinner, where I accepted the Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement. The event was broadcast on PCN TV, and the video is available on their website. (Link and login credentials below. PCN has granted us a license to distribute the video to the crew.)

The first video is primarily introductions, so I recommend you skip to Video #2. There you’ll see the lovely tribute video prepared by the PA Society, my acceptance speech, and a performance by the acappella group, the Princeton Nassoons. I couldn’t resist joining the young men for an impromptu rendition of my alma mater, “Old Nassau,” as well as a stirring “God Bless America” in which the entire audience—some 1,500 attendees—sang in unison. (Enjoy!)

I’m also attaching an article from InvestmentNews naming me as one of two “Icons” (along with eighteen “Innovators”) that have shaped and transformed the financial advice profession. “John C. Bogle—Jack to his millions of fans—revolutionized the investment world with the simple notion that every dollar investors pay in expenses to a mutual fund company is a dollar they can’t use for retirement, their children’s education or anything else.” The two honorees will be recognized at a luncheon on April 3rd in New York.

I hope you enjoy the article, as well as the video of the PA Society event. It was a highlight of my long career.



John C. Bogle

February 3, 2017

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