Welcome to The Bogle eBlog
JCB - May 15, 2006

The Bogle eBlog. Can you believe it? A few months ago I barely knew what on earth a “blog” was, and now here I am blogging. Please note that I’m using the word “eBlog” rather than the conventional “blog,” not only to make my site a little bit “out of the mainstream,” but to take advantage of the curious fact that Bogle and eBlog now become anagrams!

I’m excited about the opportunities this new website will offer me, and hope that what you find here keeps you coming back to check in. You’ll notice that most of the site’s sections include an area for comments, and I encourage you to share your thoughts, and even submit questions to the “Ask Jack” section of the site. I can’t promise that my schedule will allow me to respond to everyone, but I’ll certainly make every effort to make this as “interactive” an experience as possible. At the least, I hope that you’ll consider what you find here to be interesting, thought-provoking, and, well, a “certain trumpet.”