Bogleheads XIV!
Mike - Oct 20, 2015

Jack’s memo on

To my wonderful Bogleheads,

Our fourteenth annual gathering was truly heartwarming and informative–a triumph that gave me much joy and inspiration. Thank you all for coming, for being so attentive, for taking such good care of each other, for enjoying those two days of intensive contemplation, and–of course–for that magnificent walking stick, an echo of Ben Franklin, the consummate entrepreneur and citizen of Philadelphia and the United States of America.

I’ve reviewed my 55-slide (ouch!) presentation, and am posting it on my e-blog––momentarily. While it’s essentially unchanged from what you saw at our meeting, I did change the order in a few spots, and revised several numbers to conform with other things that I’ve written (notably the expected returns presented on slides #47 and #50. In the interests of continuity and clarity, I’ve also added tag lines at the base of each slide to set what’s coming up next.

Enjoy seeing this presentation again! And enjoy with me another few moments of the memories of the bright sun in which we basked together–intellectually, jointly, and in yet another Philadelphia autumn.

Looking forward, eagerly and hopefully, to Bogleheads XV. Best, always,


John Bogle’s Presentation at Bogleheads XIV

Memo to Veterans and Principals
Mike - Jul 24, 2015

To: Veterans and Principals
From: John C. Bogle
Date: June 8, 2015
Re: CFA Speech

I’m pleased to attach the text of the keynote speech that I delivered at last Thursday’s forum held by the CFA Society of Philadelphia.

It’s entitled “Putting Investors First,” clearly reflecting my long-time mission of developing a federal standard of fiduciary duty. I also talk about the incredible changes in finance in the past, and those we’ll face in the future.

Yes, parts of the speech may be contentious to some, but I think you’ll enjoy some of my career history (pages 4, 5, and 6).

Thanks to each of you, and best wishes, always.


P.S.      Earlier in the week I gave the keynote to the Annual Meeting of the Government Financial Officer’s Association (GFOA), some 3,000 state and local officials from (I suppose) every state in the Union, convening at our vast Philadelphia Convention Center. My remarks were short, followed by a 45-minute Q&A session that seemed to be a big hit with the audience. (Maybe I should do that more often!)

Memo to Veterans and Principals
Mike - Jul 24, 2015

To: Vanguard Veterans and Principals
From: John C. Bogle
Date: May 5, 2015
Re: Lecture at the Securities and Exchange Commission

At the invitation of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement (Asset Management Unit), I addressed a staff of some 300 government officials last Tuesday, April 28.

I decided against giving a formal presentation, and opted for an extensive “slide show”—54(!) slides in all. The presentation will likely need little explanation for those of you who are involved in our investment management and marketing groups. But for many of you, a quick riffle through the slide show will likely be enough. (Enough!)

This presentation has the makings, I think, of a good lecture (or a series of two lectures), or possibly yet another paper for the Financial Analysts Journal or the Journal of Portfolio Management. Who knows? I might even take a shot at it . . . when I get some free time.

The title of the talk is “Conflicts, Conflicts, Everywhere,” borrowed from a speech with the same title by Juliet Riewe (pronounced “REE-vee”), co-chief of the Asset Management Unit. Always good to be on the side of the regulators.



Speech at Georgetown Law
Mike - Nov 05, 2014

Jack delivered a keynote speech before the Public-Private Partnership Symposium at Georgetown University School of Law on October 31, 2014. Titled “Values, Ethics, and Structure in Finance,” the speech discusses the importance of getting the right structure of business model and incentives in order to have a financial system that serves the needs of clients first.

“Values, Ethics, and Structure in Finance,” October 31, 2014, Georgetown University School of Law.

A Memo from John C. Bogle
Mike - Mar 06, 2014

To: Veterans and Principals

From: John C. Bogle

Date: March 6, 2014

Re: The Cascade of Press Coverage Abates . . . for a Moment.


Part III

As promised yesterday, just a single final addition to the recent flurry of favorable public recognition of Vanguard. (Part I, March 4, 2014. The ECONOMIST and The Financial Analysts Journal—“The Arithmetic of ‘All-In’ Investment Expenses.” Part II, March 5, 2014. The Warren Buffett endorsement, etc.)

 In Part III, Finance in Philadelphia–Leadership, Decline, Renaissance,” I’m sending along a major speech on the role of our Greater Philadelphia region in contributing to America’s economy. As you will note, Vanguard is now the leader of our region’s recent renaissance. In that role, each of us here has an obligation to represent our community with knowledge of the past, dedication to high standards, and conduct characterized by integrity and humility.

The text of the speech is preceded by an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer on February 7, 2014, reporting on the forum in which I delivered my remarks. One local journalist described my essay as “excellent, revelatory reading. I love the irony of how the Quaker precept of thrift has returned to fashion, thanks to Vanguard, vision, and perseverance.” My historical perspective begins with Robert Morris in 1776 (and, in the same year, the wisdom of Adam Smith). Today, as by far the largest firm in the giant mutual fund industry, we have become the embodiment of thrift and simplicity. These principles work!




A Memo from Jack Bogle
Mike - Oct 17, 2013

October 10, 2013

 To: Veterans and Principals

 From: John C. Bogle

             I’m back on the speaking circuit a bit (more to come on that later this month). I wasn’t sure whether or not to circulate “Financial Management: Profession or Business?”, the keynote speech I delivered on September 25 at the 70th Anniversary of the Philadelphia CFA Society (Chartered Financial Analyst).

            But when the SRO audience at the National Constitution Center gave me a huge ovation for my efforts, and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Joe DiStefano described the speech as a “stem-winder.” (His column is also attached.) I decided it was better for you at least to have the opportunity to peruse it.

            Funny thing: audiences (especially this one) seem to like being critiqued, and inspired to lofty goals.

            Think about it.



Big Money in Boston
Mike - May 20, 2013

Jack Bogle delivered a landmark speech before the Boston Security Analyst Society on May 17, 2013.

In this speech, he chronicles, and decries, the radical change in the mutual fund industry’s culture over the span of his long career–from a profession with elements of a business to a business with elements of a profession.

The speech also tells the stories of two dates that will live in infamy:
1) April 7, 1958–the date the federal courts, despite opposition from the SEC, opened the floodgates to allow mutual fund management companies to go public, a date that will live in infamy for mutual fund shareholders.
2) December 31, 1975–the date the first index fund was founded, a date that will live in infamy for mutual fund managers.

Please enjoy Big Money in Boston–The Commercialization of the ‘Mutual’ Fund Industry.

Tredyffrin Public Library
Mike - Mar 11, 2013

Jack recently spoke at the Tredyffrin Public Library about his new book, The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation.

The U.S. Financial System: Look Out! Change Is Coming
Mike - Feb 21, 2013

Mr. Bogle delivered the G.S. Beckwith Lecture at Princeton University on February 21, 2013. His speech discusses his innovations during his career at Vanguard, the problems with innovation in the broader financial industry, and provides some insight for students from his six-plus decades of experience.

The U.S. Financial System: Look Out! Change Is Coming.

Speech at Blair Academy
Mike - Dec 05, 2012