Vanguard in the News
Mike - Oct 12, 2016

Vanguard’s recognition in the press continues unabated. Here are some more recent press clippings.

Vanguard’s John Bogle: Ready or Not, an Expanded Fiduciary Rule Is Coming,” Investment News, September 15, 2016. I wrote this op-ed for Investment News in support of the Department of Labor’s recent establishment of a fiduciary standard for all advisers and brokers who advise clients on retirement accounts. My conclusion: “It is in the enlightened self-interest of the distributors, advisers, and brokers for mutual funds to place the interests of investors first. But even if an expanded federal fiduciary standard fails to accomplish this goal, our mutual fund shareholder/clients will ultimately compel this outcome.”

How Vanguard’s Decision to Forgo Profit has Paid Off for Investors,” Washington Post, September 15, 2016. Allan Sloan, former senior editor at Fortune, wrote this column about how Vanguard’s unique, client-owned structure has been incredibly successful both for Vanguard and our clients. Allan observed, “The idea that forgoing profit can be good business is an important lesson that we should all take from the recent celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Aug. 31, 1976, launch of what is now known as the Vanguard 500 Index Fund.” He went on to quote me speaking about the earnings generated by corporate America, “It’s a question of allocating those profits to Main Street rather than to Wall Street. [Our] profits go to the funds’ investors, not to the managers.” [1]

Jack Bogle: Admitting a Mistake Makes You Look Better,” CNBC, September 14, 2016. In the wake of the recent scandal at Wells Fargo, Elizabeth MacBride wrote this article about my belief that trying to cover up a mistake to avoid accountability almost always backfires, while being honest and open about it usually improves your credibility and helps you ultimately move beyond the problem. To be clear, I have refrained from commenting on the ghastly mess that Wells Fargo is now facing up to. My interview with Ms. MacBride took place over two years ago, and she found it relevant to the current situation at Wells Fargo.

They All have One Thing in Common,” The Irrelevant Investor, October 4, 2016. Michael Batnick from Ritholtz Wealth Management wrote this blog post that points out one thing I have in common with the acclaimed investors Seth Klarman, Howard Marks, Warren Buffett, and Phil Fisher: “their ability to clearly communicate their philosophy.” Michael generously appraised one of my books: “His most recent book, Clash of the Cultures, which details how companies went from an investment business to a marketing business, is an excellent read.”

“Fund Legend Still Fighting for Investors,” Kiplinger’s, October 2016. In this interview published in Kiplinger’s, I talk about my 65th anniversary in the mutual fund industry, reasonable expectations for stock and bond returns in the coming years, and the DOL fiduciary rule, among other topics.

Crain 100: 100 Innovators, Disruptors and Change-Makers in Business,” October 2016. Crain Communications celebrated their 100th anniversary in the publishing industry with the “Crain 100” supplement, which recognizes 100 leaders in the industries covered by Crain’s various publications. I am honored to appear right next to Warren Buffett, as you’ll see in the attachment.



[1] The photograph in this story was actually taken, not in 1997, but in 1983. The person on the far right is Jerald L. (“Jerry”) Stevens, who served as president of Vanguard during 1982-1984. It’s a long story, ending with Jerry’s death two years ago at age 73.

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