Bogle at the 2014 Reuters Wealth Management Summit
Mike - Jun 25, 2014

John Bogle speaks at the 2014 Reuters Wealth Management Summit.


ANILGUPTA98022 - Jul 07, 2014

Dear Sir john c. bogle, I am dr anil gupta md (new–York) cardiologist now forced to retire due to fibromyalgia but thanks to your 10 books ,I just finished your the clash of cultures 2012 10th a diehard boglehead indexer, I request you to please bring VANGUARD GROUP BRANCHES IN INDIA as early as possible,as 300 million indian investor,s most of then diehard bogleheads need your low cost vanguard index funds in india,as due to stable govt of investor friendly.MODI,S as pm all bogleheads investors of india are not getting proper traditional index fund,s to invest in for long term and till vanguard will not open branches in india ,we boglehead,s will keep suffering by paying whooping 1.83% for a traditional nifty index no S&P500 INDEX ,NO BOND INDEX ,NO BALANCED INDEX FUNDS ARE available in india except,frankline tempelton mark Mobius came in 1996 but charging 0.83% for a classic nifty index fund ,and 2.89% for an active frankline tempelton balanced fund, even bond funds are charging er of 1.80%+hidden charges .please sir john c.bogle bring vanguard group to india ,as poor indian boglehead,s are starving for vanguard group,a 300 million educated ,middle class English speaking bogleheads are just waiting for that day when they can transfer all their funds in vanguard lifestyle and target retirement funds and can sleep afterwards for their golden age after 70 year,s of age . DR ANIL GUPTA MD (NEW-YORK) CARDIOLOGIST forced to retire bec. of fibromyalgia ,but thanks to your 10 books which created a fatal attraction for indexing ,but we need vanguard groups integrity and charectar with lowest cost index funds which no body can give us except you sir john c. bogle. mobile 9819147316.

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