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Mike - Dec 19, 2012

Memo to Principals and Veterans 12/17/2012
Mike - Dec 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

To Principals and Veterans:


There have been so many press articles written about Vanguard, my new book, and my career that I don’t feel comfortable sending all of the stories to you. Instead, I’m attaching to this note six ofthe most prominent articles, and then posting the others on my eblog–In The Press.

The following stories are attached:
1. Fortune, December 24,2012, “A Visit with the Father of Indexing.” (Good for at least a few laughs!)

2. Main Line Today, October 2012, “You Don’t Know Jack.” (But you will know him-a bit-after you read it.)

3. Inc., October, 2012, “The Finance Industry’s Only Living Saint.” (Over the top!)

4. Philadelphia Inquirer, December 9,2012. “Antidote to Market Mania: ‘Hold Tight.’ ” (Nice preview of Michael Smerconish’s Book Club gathering at Villanova last week. Full house.)

5. Research Magazine, October 2012. “How John Bogle Really Sees ETFs.” (More accurate than most characterizations of my views.)

6. Index Universe, September 28,2012. “The Clash of the Cultures .. . is the latest and perhaps best book by the … founder ofThe Vanguard Group.”

If that’s not, well, Enough for you, I have also posted the following on my eblog: “The Scourge of Speculation” (FIX Global); “Dim View of the Asset-Management Industry” (U S News and World Report); a comprehensive book review (Financial Analysts Journal); “Best Books for an Investing Novice,” (The Wall Street Journal,) selecting The Little Book of Common Sense Investing; “Forget Trading, Start Investing,” (Money-Life Show, Chuck Jaffe); “Fund Directors (Secret) Holdings” and “Bold Commitment and Personal Magic,” (Directors and Boards); “Bogle Walks the Talk,” (Corporate Board Member); “Bogle’s Lament for Investing’s Culture Clash,” (Toronto Globe and Mail); and-finally!-“Long Live Buy and Hold” (Investment Advisor).

You’ll enjoy the surprising Editor’s Note at the end of this final story, a nice way to end this huge compilation. The good news : there’s almost nothing left to be said!

Please enjoy a wonderful holy day season!

Best always,


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