“The Bogle Issue”
Mike - Feb 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

To Principals and Veterans,

As one who wrote a book entitled Enough., I’m wondering whether my mission to serve investors hasn’t now gotten “enough” attention in this 60th year of my career.

I raise this (delightful) concern following the “JCB Legacy Day” celebration on Wall Street three weeks ago, for this morning I received a copy of the current issue of Journal of Indexes, devoted almost entirely to my work-“The Bogle Issue.”

It includes comments from a wide range of industry participants about my role in making the financial world-and especially the mutual fund world-a better place for investors. Particularly interesting are the kind comments of our own Gus Sauter and Burt Malkiel, and the analysis of Chris Philips in “The Case for Indexing.” (Thanks, group!)

I’m attaching just a few excerpts from the 64 pages(!) published in JOI, including the crossword puzzle (pretty exciting to have that!).

I’ll get some extra copies of “The Bogle Issue” for those who want to see more of it … though I expect that most of you will find these attachments “enough.”


Jack Bogle

Journal of Indexes Attachment

Video from Bloomberg Portfolio Manager Mash-Up Conference
Mike - Feb 21, 2012

Video from a recent conversation with Betty Liu at the Bloomberg Portfolio Manager Mash-Up conference on February 16th in New York.

John C. Bogle Legacy Forum
Mike - Feb 01, 2012

February 1, 2012

To Principals and Veterans,

Yesterday, a star-studded group of our nation’s investment leaders celebrated my 60th anniversary in the financial field. “The John C. Bogle Legacy Forum” took place at the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street, and I must tell you that this recognition delighted my soul (even as I was embarrassed that, despite my good intentions, my pride sometimes peeped out).

I’m pleased to attach a few items that you might enjoy:

Pages 1-4 -The Forum program.
Page 5 -President Clinton’s welcome.
Page 6-8 -My opening remarks.

You should know that I had to overcome my extreme reluctance to circulate this summary of a true “red-letter” day in my life and career. But there’s no other way to inform the many ofyou who care, and for that I am in your eternal debt.

“Stay the Course,” and best, always,


John C. Bogle Legacy Forum 1-31-12

Video from John C. Bogle Legacy Forum
Mike - Feb 01, 2012

Video of the discussion between Jack Bogle and Paul Volcker, moderated by Kathleen Hays, host of The Hays Advantage on Bloomberg Radio, from the January 31, 2012 John C. Bogle Legacy Forum at the Museum of American Finance in New York.