Two New John Bogle Videos
Admin - Jan 12, 2009

Bloomberg Television

Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes

John Bogle op-ed in the Wall Street Journal
Admin - Jan 08, 2009

Today’s Wall Street Journal included an op-ed written by Mr. Bogle. It’s available at the link below.

Six Lessons for Investors

Audio version of Enough.
Admin - Jan 08, 2009

Many eBlog readers have asked about the availability of an audio version of Mr. Bogle’s newest book, Enough. True Measures of Money, Business, and Life. The audio version is now available on Amazon and at other retailers. In it, Mr. Bogle reads the book’s Introduction and Afterword.

Messages from Jack Bogle
Admin - Jan 05, 2009

Mr. Bogle recently posted his New Year’s message on the website.

He also sent out the message below to veteran Vanguard crew members:

To Principals and Veterans 

Wrapping up 2008 

For your information, I’m attaching the following documents:

 1 – My December 10, 2008 speech to the Community College of Philadelphia.

2 – My essay on “Does the Free-Market Corrode Moral Character?” one of ten such essays prepared for the John Templeton Foundation.  (All ten of these essays are available at

3 – A wonderful reaffirmation of my thesis that Wall Street subtracts value from society, in a New York Times article fairly described as “Bogle without the steroids.”

4 -Four of the more significant reviews of Enough. including an incredibly generous appraisal from Tom Peters.  There must be a score of them-all favorable-in the blogosphere, but The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have yet to oblige.  (In today’s Information-Society, that may not even matter!)

i. Tom Peters
ii. Barron’s
iii. The WealthNet (subscribers only)
iv. TIME magazine

5 – On December 27, Wellington Fund celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding in 2008.  With the death of State Street Investment Trust several years ago, we are now one of only three mutual funds that have endured for eight decades.  In January, I’ll be updating my 75th Anniversary essay and circulating it among you.

Best wishes to all for 2009, which I have little doubt will be another year of challenge for the financial sector, our industry, and our firm.