New Op-Ed in Wall Street Journal
Admin - Jun 27, 2006

Mr. Bogle and Prof. Malkiel co-authored an op-ed that runs in today’s Wall Street Journal in defense of market capitalization-weighted indexing. They wrote, in part:

While we have witnessed many “new paradigms” over the years, none have persisted. The “concept” stocks of the Go-Go years in the 1960s came, and went. So did the “Nifty Fifty” era that soon followed. The “January Effect” of small-cap superiority came, and went. Option-income funds and “Government Plus” funds came, and went. High-tech stocks and “new economy” funds came as well, and the survivors remain far below their peaks. Intelligent investors should approach with extreme caution any claim that a “new paradigm” is here to stay. That’s not the way financial markets work.

The full piece is available here.

New Podcast Uploaded
Admin - Jun 14, 2006

A podcast of JCB’s February 2, 2006 appearance on Michael Smerconish’s radio program has been added to the site.  A link to the podcast is contained in the Podcasts page.

Long Horizon Investing & Corporate Governance
Admin - Jun 07, 2006

Slides from the speech given before the International Centre for Pension Management on June 7, 2006

Click here to view them 

AEI Article on Mutual Fund Reform
Admin - Jun 02, 2006

The American Enterprise Institute’s Peter Wallison offers his thoughts on the need for reform in the mutual fund industry, and touches upon Mr. Bogle’s comments at their May 9 conference.

The article is available here.